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Jas a law student who juz cant wait to go out and work. she is obsessed about her darling din. formerly from assunta primary and the happening sri aman.can be very bitchy but very choosy on her victims.Special Warning:Her writings might cause high blood pressure to some people

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Caricature of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad is very special among the Muslim people. He is so special that the caricature of him had caused outrage from the Muslim world. I went through several articles over this issue and find that most people think that the Muslims are being too sensitive over this issue. I guess not many people know the rational behind the prohibition of portraying any form of the Prophet image.
Just like Jesus among the Christians, Moses among the Jews and Buddha among the Buddhist, Prophet Muhammad is very important and special to the Muslims since He was the one who introduce the religion of Islam. He was so special that the Muslims at that time wanted to build his statue and as well as to draw portrait of Him but He refused. Prophet Muhammad knew that if there were to be any form of His image, the people in the future may begin to worship his image and this would equate Him to Allah.
Truthfully the Muslims are mainly angry of how the images of Prophet Muhammad were being potrayed, a.k.a. as a terrorist and this is not true. The Muslims do respect Moses and Jesus as they are among our Prophets. Despite all this, after the worldwide outrage there are a group of people who are curious about Prophet Muhammad and wanting to learn about Him. At least they would know the right approach used by Prophet Muhammad in spreading the teaching of Islam i.e. not through violence but peace. And this may, in return would at least change the current picture of Islam.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reply To Am

The rules are as follow :
-1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game n leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

My 'perfect lover' target: Male species.

1. My perfect lover accepts my past, present & future.

2. My perfect lover is someone that respect his parents as well as mine.

3. My perfect lover is someone that able to communicate his mind towards me eventhough it may resulted to an argument a.k.a intelectual stimulation

4. My perfect lover is someone that is so funny and able to make the whole crowd laugh a.k.a clown among the family and friends.

5. My perfect lover must be someone who is able to share my interest-travelling, movies, reality tv, food & gym

6. My perfect lover must be able to protect me physically. (can belasah people)

7. My perfect lover treats me like I'm a little princess and able to response to my weird voices which most people think its annoying

8. My perfect lover must love cats and treat them like my little sisters.

People you've been tagged:

1. Zety
2. Hanisah
3.Nana Daud
4. Naim
5. Maziah
6. Diana
7. Dod
8. Dayah

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Warming up .....

I am in great pain for 2 days now . Yes, the "body attack" class did attack my body. One thing for sure, I finally use some of my body muscle which I thought didn't exist. There are so many things that I want to write since I didnt write for almost half a year (AM: finally.......). Take this as a warm up


1. Baik Punya Cilok:
Good attempt but thought Buli was better. Whatever it is I support Afdlin work since he did bring changes to Malay movies (no more cinta karat). The fact that he used most of the cast from Buli..you tend to compare both character. I love AC and Hans in Buli but Patrick Teoh was equally good in both movie. But the funniest character in this movie was the hip hop samseng who spoke English in a Kelantanese accent.

2. Lam Khong:
A must see movie. The twist is really good but people make sure you don't eat anything before that.

3. Memoirs of Geishas:
Slow, dragging & you really have to really listen when Zang Ziyi speaks. If one wants to know what a Geisha is then watch it but if you already know anout it from documentaries then, don't bother. All I can say I can't feel Ziyi character but whatever it is I love Gong Li in that movie . I thought she was the real star in the movie.

P/S: Can't wait for Da Vincci Code this March! Fell in love with the book...can't wait for the movie.

Amendment of the Family Law…..another injustice about to be done

The recent amendment of the Family Law permits the husband to acquire half of the property owned by the wife. The moment I read the proposed Bill that was about to pass through the Parliament, the only feeling that came into my mind was to knock the head of the person(s) who came out with the Bill. What were they thinking about? The current law could not even give protection to Muslim women in divorce cases and now they want to reduce the incomplete protection available to us.

Some “dayus” men out there may think it is a form of equality. The word equality does not exist at all since the basis of the current Syariah System is apparently bias towards men. Women are not allowed to be judges, house wives may not get half of the property acquired during marriage since they do not contribute the financial part of the family. (so what is the position of the housewife then…a slave?).

I know some ladies that are facing with divorce. The problem would arise when the husband would transfer their money to another persons account. (In law we may apply for an injunction to restrain the husband from doing so…but the risk of the injunction being removed may cause the wife to pay a huge amount of money…a housewife especially would not be able to take such risk). The first victim (as reported in the media) is the wife of one Dato (check last month newspaper), she’s a housewife formerly working but resign due to her husband’s request. Due to, how should I refer it..the “stupid” law all of her account was frozen by the husband and now she can’t even pay for her legal fees.

Although the amendment was put on hold for a while…trust me ladies I don’t see any lights coming out of the Syariah Court System. A husband should be the main provider of the family. The statement is fair enough since women even if they are working, they are still labeled to be the one responsible of the housework and the children.
Ladies out there, try to be independent as possible…find ways to make money since if your husband decides to divorce you, you could just walk out without expecting a single cent. I know its not fair since the chances for ladies to remarry is very slim, but this is the best option that we have. Looking at the selfish people drafting the Family Law…we can’t depend to our men. They can’t protect us, so we just have to learn to protect ourselves.

By the way, men out there if you think the proposed law is fair…find a surgeon coz you need to undergo a sex change operation.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm Back!!!!!

Hei people I know I've not been writing for so long. I guess after a year of tiring hons. programme, I don't even feel like writing...even writing rubbish. There were few attempts but I just can't do it...the memory of typing assignments (especially opinion writing..which you can't copy others)..gosh. I was at one time officially a phobia on typing anything (yes..even the friendster bulettin board..ya know the survey thing..I can't do that either) but finally I have the courage to so. During the silent moments, I was actually busy, not with work but leisure.
LLB (Hons) 2
This was one of the best memory that I had during my UiTM days. During degree, nothing much to say coz is all lecture then I'll off out of the campus (spending time with Din, most of the time). One whole year of hons really changed my perception about UiTM and the whole batch. Most people know I'm kinda outspoken and it did cause certain discomfort among my batch during degree. Hons. had thought me to be more diplomatic, don't get into something which is unnecessary though you don't agree with it, not to be calculative financially and work wise and of course to really appreciate the people around you. I am so lucky to have a firm that is so fun and hardworking. Daud & Co. it was a pleasure working with all of you. My personal gratitude to Daud for being a good leader and Bon for being the strength to all of us. As well as to Zairi, Ana & Morza. I'm gonna miss all of you. And I'm glad that the whole batch went for the PD trip, and how can I forget how crazy ira, dayah, ated, aniz, shaq, sha & liza over the UNO game. And how I got the bruises after our soccer in the pool game. One thing I realised about UiTM law school. We are like a family. That explains why our seniors are still close with each other even after they left school for 10 years and some of them decided to come back (En. Shukree, Pn. Fariza, Dr. Muz, the legendary En. Helmi, Dr. Rahamt...well let say 70% of the lecturers were former UiTM LLB Hons students (or known as A.D.I.L). Heard that UiTM is building a gallery dedicated to our programme, oh...so sweet! And I hope in the future we will be seeing each other during the Annual Law Dining like most of our seniors...the tradition need to continue.
At last I get to spend time with my gals
The first thing that I did after the final exam was to call up the girls. Finally I could meet all of them, almost 10 years we've been friends and things haven't change. Hani & I will talk about exercise...the cheerful Hanisah...the "hei I may look snobbish but I'm actually funny"..you Ili, and Nana & Rose bout organizing gatherings and the proper yati. Anyway all of us went to narina's wed as one rombongan (he..he..) and glad that I saw most of my 5 Science A classmates were there. And we were talking about getting married (god...we had reach that stage..playing rollerblades & dating at intencity OU was like yesterday)...and Na-na told us that she's getting married!!I am so excited bout it. Had an awesome birthday party. Earlier we had a celebration for all the january babies (myself, na-na, ili & emy) and my personal one arranged by my darling din at HRC. Thank you baby!!! that was the best birthday gift ever!!
Fitness First..You are my new bestfriend
My first month of holiday was all about waking up after 9 a.m (I'm a morning person, so 9 a.m. is considered late) watch tv..from ANTM, OC, Rome oh yes bold & beautiful (I thought I was the only one watching that show..juz discovered that Dayah is a fan as well). I would only move from the sofa during lunch & dinner and my day infront of the tv would end usually around 3 a.m. Then I realise that I can't continue my life like this, so I sign up for Fitness First...hoorayy!! and of course my laling din wants to tag along. well both of us are going through a healthy lifestyle I must say. During week days, we'll meet up at the gym after his working hours. Our weekends would be working out in the gym, hit for the sauna and the shower, then jalan2 for the rest of the day. I'm kinda like it. I must say, my stamina is getting better...I can do 1 1/2 hour of cardio...By the way I've joined the RPM class, tiring but could handle it. But Din didnt want to continue the class. I can't cycle without him beside me..coz I need to laugh at someone. So I joined Body Attack class (most people warn me about the class) ...well it does literally attack your body the next day but definitely I'm going again. It was extremely tiring but it gave me satisfaction. (p/s: Din didn't want to join the class coz he's to shy to shake like Ricky Martin).
Jobless but unavailable
Well had an interview with BNM legal department. I was quite nervous since there were 5 panels from different division. It was ok..though I thought I was too laid back. Oh well, I need to work with them for another 8 years....can't say much at this point. Most probably I'll be joining the Central Bank next week. Kinda nervous but thank god Hazri & Seman will be there. Not to forget my Din is working next door.
P/S: if you notice that I've deleted some of the post about AF coz there are ppl who think that this blog is mainly bout AF. Well I don't blame them. I just can't handle ppl wanting to discuss bout it still..esp. bout mawi..well thats all though it is not important to mention it at the 1st place.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Want To Be A Health Freak!!!

Food & Exercise

Some people may think I'm crazy or something after reading this post. Started off like this, three days back I was watching Oprah about this health bla..bla...ok I may not be overweight but I've just realized that I should not take advantage of my condition today. The last time I 've remembered exercising regularly was like six years ago. Until I joined UiTM...I can't remember the time where I actually exercise. Makan banyak lagi adalah. Oklah...there was one time when Dod, Elin & I had this swimming session together. Anyway back to my point about being a health freak My dad just gave me this diary .....so I didnt know what to do with it until three days ago I've decided to make it as my health diary. So don't freak out especially Ana & Elin if you guys see me everyday swim/jog (join I lagi best though I doubt Ana would do it).

Congrats to juniors yang dapat hons. especially to my best pal/housemate Ayu. Milia called me yesterday and asked me to brief about the whole scenario with hons. as she heard alot of scarry stories. First of all it is not mentally tiring but more of physically tiring. kalau masa degree you have 6-9 subjects and all of it has final papers but for hons. you would have about 4 final papers. It is physically tiring maybe because you'll have classes everyday from 8.30 till 6.30. I was also asked about staying back sampai pukul berapa. Dont know about other firms but my firm average I think 10 pm tu pun tak selalu..basically there must be division of work. Some people think it is not good coz you won't get to learnt everything. Our system pulak you do the job first but masa viva or exam you'll teach others. So all of us ada time to ourselves. Like Bon & Daud they love to do their work kat class and they'll start working at 1pm..before that main futsallah, mamak, dating, main game. As for me, kalau masa lunch boleh buat, I'll do it then continue till 10 (usually occurs masa nak complete file) then I'll go home. Tak pun, bring back those work masa weekend & complete it while watching tv. But to me one of the reason our firm is abit laid back mainly because we have a nice, spoting, pressure free bos Daud, fun & caring firm mates and we work as a class. Kirenye kerjasama with all the firms. Try to reduce the stress in any way you can & enjoy the ride.
New Family Member
My sis in law just gave birth to a baby girl two days back. Congratulation Radziah & Zafar. Her name is Sarah Ilyana but can see manja sangat. Baru 2 days dah tak nak tidur kat dalam her katil but wanna sleep beside her mum. That day I wanted to give away my skirts & dresses but then thinking about Insyira & Sarah...I'll better save those things for them.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Less Serious Of Me

My Hand Gestures

Today I was telling Din about my cousin's funny experience with beca. Baru nak start cerita he told me to stop and said that whenever I tell him a story it would be full of expression especially my hand gestures (ok I have to admit sometimes over jugak coz there was this time I was telling din about this animal and all the sudden I tertepis gelas kat meja...and everyone at Hartamas Square were staring at my direction). So Din asked me to tell the story just by using the hand gestures so that he could guess the things that I'm trying to say. So I jadi mcm org bisu...and he was 95% correct in guessing the storyline. Betullah I rasa my hand gestures over because everytime habis mock trial my some of my classmates would immitate my hand gestures.

My Darling EK

Ok it may not be a beemer or merc but I really love the car. It is the 1st edition of 3door Honda EK. First because I chose it. I was 14 years old, my dad brought my mum to the PJ Honda Showroom..mum wanted the four door but I told her to get the 2 door..."nampak mudalah mak"...of course my mum wanted the four door but I keep on telling my dad to get the two door. So I won. So finally I got my driving licence and asked my dad for a kancil but my dad was quite sceptical about her daughter driving a small car..takut kene tiup anginlah so he wanted to get me a satria.then my mum heard the news and told my dad to give the EK (she doesnt like the car..according to her susah for her friends nak tumpang)...so she got a brand new car and finally her wish was granted a four door and she happily passed the EK car key to me (see I was able to predict the future since I was 14 years old...he..he...). My EK is gonna be 10 years old in 2006 and look at her...still loyal and never gave me any problems (except when some people who cant think of anything else to do..pegi calar my car..may Allah bless that person). Everyone especially guys asked me to modified the car...but I love the car as it is..if modified it will look too ganaz .To me the original EK suites me...sporty but there is bit of ladylike element there. People told me this is the best time to sell the car..but it is too sentimental...I felt so connected to the car. There are new cars in the market....swift, nissan cute, smart forfour but some how non of them could attract my heart. (except for nissan fairlady & beemer 5 series..tu nak kena penampar ngan my whole familylah). I love you EK darling for almost 10 years you never caused trouble to me and I hope you'll stay loyal too.

P/S: ok I know some of you might think I'm crazy.

Enforcement of Religion....

Two days back I read an article in the newspaper on Pahang State Government enforcing a punishment on muslims who consume alchohol (sebatan) and today a guy was caught and punished for not attending Friday Prayers by JAIS. I wish I have the article written by an Islamic Scholar about when do we actually enforce morality so that I can provide the quranic verses which was cited in the article. I'll try to get it once school reopens but in case any of you who took Juris with Che Meriam and has the article , can you email it to me.Basically the article goes like this...if you commit an immoral conduct which affect others than it should be enforce but if you commit an immoral conduct but it doesnt affect others, human shall not enforce it because it is between you and God. The incident took place during Khalifah Umar's time when a man was caught fooling around with two girls (non-muhrim) while taking alchohol....so when the enforcement body wanted to arrest him...he cited few verses from the Quran (I wish I have the article so that I can provide the proper translation).
To obey manmade law is one thing but for man to enforce god's law is another. I know consuming alchohol is a sin...why because it is "memudaratkan" and it makes human act irrationally. Now if a guy consumes alchohol at a pub and took a taxi back home...should we human punish him..yes it is sinful but do we have the rite to punish him when he doesnt affect anyone around him unless he consume it and later drove back..or kill someone ..that's why we have a law to punish ppl who drinks and drive....murder etc. To punish a guy for not going for Friday prayers...to me it is between him and God. Did it affect anyone. By doing this people out there may think that the law of Islam is vengeful. When all of us know that the teaching of Islam is about accepting things with an open heart, doing things voluntarily, no form of force, forgiveness by God, love but sadly the current approach is to punish people who are not being muslim enough. If you read the newspaper today, the Sultan of Pahang was so "murka" when he found out that the ustazah from an Agama School lied to him about the bullying incident that happens in that school in order to preserve the school name . In the same state...2 muslims were punished because they consume alchohol but few months ago a religious school was involve in a serious bully case which caused serious injury on a boy but the school authority was trying to cover these things even when Sultan Pahang visited the school. A day after the visit which was yesterday another bully case which caused injury was reported and several other reports came along. Sultan Pahang was very angry by the fact that this things happen in a religious school and more over he was being deceived by the teachers in the school. Now why didn't the state enforce a law against these people when these people refuse to cooperate on the first incident. Their action of hiding information had caused students in that school being exposed to danger. Maybe because they carry the religious title with them therefore they should not be punish because they are muslim enough. (but I'm sure the teachers will be transfered after this , Sultan Pahang was so "murka")
If you wanna punish muslim who drink or failure to attend friday prayers...then punish people who smokes, logically speaking it is memudaratkan and it is so obvious that it affect other people around them especially for non-smokers. Why can't we see that Islam is all about moderation, why can't we accept that humans are not perfect. Islam is not about punishment...why can't we learnt from Prophet Mohammed way of life and the way he thought Islam to human being at that time.

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First of all I would like to say sorry to those who think I was being too much when I said mawi looks like a matrempit/drugaddict but I would like to clear things up...I didnt say he is a bad person or judge him...I just said that he looks like that... you know...kurus, mata merah, kepala botak (anyway it is juz an opinion..in fact I think Duta Sheila on 7 looks the same but I'm a huge fan of Duta)....please read the article back, in fact I did say that I think he is a good boy... the whole purpose of the article is how Malay people in general are so easily influnce with people who potrayed the image of Islam from the outside. I did not judge him at all...I was talking about the mindset of the malays not about him or his attitude or the possibility of him being a drugaddict.matrempit. By the way, I dont mind having such comments..because not everyone are like me...couldnt care less about what people think of me. When I was in form 1 people think I was not a virgin because of the way I walk..I dont care because I know it was because of my big ass and my legs had to stabilize it by having that weird kind of walk. My mum thinks I'm a heavy smoker because of my dark coloured lips padahal I tak smoke lansung..but could care less pun. So sorry to those yang marah but please read the article again and you should know the whole purpose of the post. I dont hate mawi infact the only candidate which I hate is Reza.
When I talk about the mindset of the Malays..most of us think that if a person who looks soleh and preach religion openly we felt that he has the mandate to lead people. For instance...Anwar Ibrahim, why did Malays were so obsessed about him and was willing to turn their back on Mahathir during the 1998 scandal. The difference between them is that Anwar in his speech would always include quranic verses but Mahathir being a realist just go straight to the point. So the malays were mesmerized by Anwar by the fact that he knows the Quran. ( not many people know that Mahathir had help many poor muslim nation/region like Bosnia, southern Philipines& cambodia through infrustructure...building schools, mosque, installing electricity and water). This is what I'm trying to say how some of us can be easily influnce through the thing that we look & hear instantly.The same strategy was used by Saddam...he drinks and he kill his people but he wanted support so he had televisyen in Iraq broadcast him praying in the mosque but when the american caught him in the hole he called the man who gave the information about his hiding as Judas... is Saddam trying to say that he is Christ?

the so called "tsumawi"

Before I begin, I have no intention to kutuk mawi...I have nothing against him. In fact I think he is a good person (not like that "reza" I need some PR lessons). Basically I wanna talk about the mindset of the malays, in general. I watch the prelude concert and the girls were superb. As for the guys (compared to the girls) well nothing to shout about. So 12 people were selected but the next day there was this big hoohaa about mawi not being selected and there was this speculation that the reason why he was not selected due to the "intifada" song. To me it has nothing to do with the song..previous AF there were some islamic related songs being perform. I was watching the first concert with din and when they announced that there is a surprise...I told din they gonna add students..and in fact we've predicted that Mawi will be admitted. Mawi sang badly & Marsha was holding the lyrics and her voice was shacky and yet they were selected. Why? Marsha...the looks so she could pull in more votes & mawi...responces after the prelude concert would ensure that astro will be getting more money.
Why people love mawi. Goodlooking...he looks like a matrempit/drugaddict (my opinion...don't be angry mawi fans out there). But I guess the fact that he was introduced as a qari, bekas penyanyi nasyid...and Malay fans out there got so excited due to the image that he was carrying and yet most of them did not think of this...why would a guy carryng the image of Islam wants to join AF...where dancing everyweek is a must and of course tak sah tanpa physical contact with the girls ( in fact the camera did focus the part where he had to hold marsha's hand during the 2nd concert). So I decided to check out forum AF @astro.com. Of course there was this huhaa about mawi pegang tangan marsha...and some mawi's fans could not believe it. And there was this topic "mawi pakai kain pelekat...mesti baru lepas sembahyang" ( I was like...so saper tak pakai kain pelekat tu tak sembahyanglah...) and another one "teringin nak dengar mawi ngaji". Then 2nd concert...he spoiled the melody of the song..and yet people still wanna vote for him. It is not mawi's fault but our people just love to look what is potrayed outside of a person. When Amylea tegur Aidil not to hug elliza...there was this comment made to her.."entah2 buat baik...bukan dier keje kat pub ke?". So it is so easy to influence the malays...just show that you are alim.
Mawi from my observation is a good boy but he is not the best candidate. I dont mind him winning. I mean Zahid voice was not that fantastic compared to Bob. What I am trying to say here is how we malays are easily influced by the certain kind of image. Mawi might be a normal boy..in fact he never preach or tried to show that he is so alim and soleh but just because of one song "intifada"...people already judge him as being alim. Not many people know that Jamal Abdillah was a qari, Aisyah won tilawah alquran and not to forget Syarifah Aini....but how come people didnt say there are alim just because they didnt start off with any islamic kind of song.
Is a bit obvious that Mawi or Felix is gonna win although the girls are much better candidates. Anyway is akademi fantasia.....astro don't care whose winning as long as the money from the voters are coming in. By the way Maxis & Astro are actually under the same company.
P/S: love aznil but kind of sad when he used the term "tsumawi" when "tsunami" was a sad tragedy that cost hundred thousands of lives.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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